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Message from Prof. Yutaka Nishiyama

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Paper boomerangs are safety and easy to play for everyone.

I wished to broaden a fantastic boomerang all over the world, and started translating the instruction in 1999.

There are 193 countries, over 7,000 million people, 75 common languages in the world.

I have just finished translating 70 languages which cover 99.99 percentage of population.

If you click on the language, you can download the instruction which you would like.

1.Download PDF file.

2. Print it on paper in size of B4 horizontally.
There are two pages; first page includes how to make, how to throw, how it flies, and how to catch.
Second page includes the reason why the boomerang comes back, and address of Home pages; Boomerang association.

Recommend this boomerang to your friends, or neighbors for world peace!


 1.Boomerang can be very dangerous. Avoid throwing them at people. Make sure there is nobody nearby when throwing boomerang.

 2.This page is all free for link. I am very happy if you would send me message when you link.

Prof. Yutaka Nishiyama

Osaka University of Economics
2 Osumi Higashiyodogawa Osaka, 533-8533JAPAN
E-mail: nishiyama@osaka-ue.ac.jp
Home page:http://www.osaka-ue.ac.jp/zemi/nishiyama/


Let’s view movie clips!


Paper boomerangs
(no sound)


Paper boomerangs
(no sound)


Paper boomerangs
(no sound)


Paper boomerangs
Throwng (slow motion)
(no sound)


Soft Boomerngs
Five Catches
(no sound)


The Sport of Boomerangs
Fast Catch (about 20m distant)

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2014年 ブーメラン世界大会 in パース 団体戦優勝
個人戦アキュラシー種目 世界2位

2006年 ブーメラン世界大会 in 旭川 個人戦オージーラウンド種目 世界1位